Positioning in TikTok with SEO

TikTok is the fastest-growing social network in history, reaching one billion users in just 5 years. It took Facebook 9, Instagram 8, and both Whatsapp and Youtube 7 years. In addition, it is estimated that it has had more than 1 billion active users since September last year, and its potential foresees a future in which it will eventually surpass Instagram as the platform where influencers generate more revenue.

As a result, brands and companies are looking for a place to advertise on it, although it is not that simple. The success of TikTok among the audience makes it essential to apply SEO to position and stand out from the rest.

If your goal is to grow as a brand or make your advertising pieces work on TikTok, pay close attention. We will explain in this SEO guide for TikTok how to make the most of the platform to achieve a good organic positioning in your publications.

Benefits of creating content on TikTok for businesses

TikTok has become a central platform in the marketing strategies of many brands. Not only because of the opportunities and advantages it presents today, but also to position itself for the future and to occupy a niche before the competition. The main benefits of generating content on TikTok for companies are as follows:

A growing social network. As we have seen at the beginning of the guide, TikTok has grown in 5 years which no social network had ever achieved before. In fact, some of the social networks that have been popular in recent years such as Snapchat or Pinterest seem to be in decline, while TikTok still has a long way to go. Some of the reasons that point to this trend are that younger and younger audiences are coming to this platform.

Reach new markets with your messages. TikTok is not only a success in Spain (where it has 8.8 million active users at the beginning of 2022), it is an international success. If your plans as a company are to sell products all over the world or for your messages to have a global reach, it is a perfect platform for that. In addition, it is also a perfect space to learn about new trends or insights that are relevant to your audience.

A way to reach an audience that cannot be reached with traditional media. Nowadays, audiences are increasingly moving away from traditional media, so it is not as effective to try to reach them through media where they are not likely to be. Young people are in fact the target audience furthest away from this type of format, as they prefer to be informed through content platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter. Among them, the use of TikTok stands out as their current favorite network. Feel free to visit their page to learn how to buy tiktok followers.

Make advertising entertaining and relevant to the user. Another fundamental aspect to take into account today is the evolution that the audience has undergone in recent years. This new type of audience is saturated by the advertising messages of the more traditional media, and it is they themselves who voluntarily decide to interact and even form part of communities around certain brands or products. Therefore, it is essential to be creative and adapt both the message and the advertising format to the current language of consumers.

Facilities for working with influencers. Although Instagram is still today the platform where influencers generate most of their profits with their content, TikTok promises to snatch the throne imminently. In fact, many of the internet’s biggest personalities are becoming known through this website, and there is a huge gap between nano and micro-influencers that can be critical to a marketing strategy.