About Us

Since its inauguration in 2010, Cena Channel Side has become the centre of reference for the entire region in terms of visual and hearing health care.

We are the 4th generation of optometrists and audiologists, so our extensive experience over the years endorses us. The key to our success has been and continues to be specialization, vision in the focus of the business, family continuity and good daily work.

Our goal has always been quality of service, starting with comprehensive vision and hearing examinations and continuing with the best care and advice in choosing your glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids.

To this end, in recent years we have made a great effort to improve our facilities, staff and equipment.

We invest in ourselves for the benefit of our patients
Our professionals receive continuous training to be up to date with the latest technological and academic advances, as well as the necessary training to understand and respond to the needs of the most demanding users.

See how important it is to have the best optometrists and audiologists at your service.


We have been the first optician and we are the only one to carry out a Telemedicine service using 3D Optical Coherence Tomography laser. It has been an important investment, but thanks to it, our customers have benefited from comprehensive examinations that in many cases have detected early pathologies that could have caused blindness had they not been detected in time.

We have a virtual 3D measurement system for progressive and monofocal lenses. Our vision care professionals can easily, quickly and accurately measure the human eye in 3D.

Eye information is the basis for the personalization process of our monofocal and progressive lenses. Combined with prescription and other unique parameters related to adjustment and visual behavior, it results in the most advanced physiological customization on the market for a quick, full and satisfying fit to your lenses.


In the field of Audiology we have the latest technological advances in diagnostic equipment. We perform our audiometrics in a state-of-the-art soundproof booth that complies with the most advanced soundproofing standards, allowing us to perform very precise audiometrics.

In Cena Channel Side we are specialists in intracanal hearing aids, totally personalized so that the patient can achieve and experience the highest standards of hearing quality and satisfaction possible. All our hearing aids are always checked under strict quality control in our laboratory.

Relax, we guide you through the whole process

Our patients enjoy an Optician-OPtometrist or Audiologist who accompanies them throughout the adaptation process, now and over the years. The steps to follow with each patient are unique.

We offer each patient a personalized optical and/or auditory solution, working in a meticulous and personalized way with each patient to offer the most appropriate optical and/or auditory solution for each case. In our optometry and audiology cabinets we will review and advise you on the best options and solutions for your problem. Because no two people are the same, not everyone needs the same solution.