Dog Blood in Urine

If you are continuously aware and also worried about dog health blood in urine is something that you should be watching out for. The very first time you see blood in your dog’s urine, it can be a terrifying experience, and there can be a range of various problems that can result in this symptom. It’s not something to mess around with, so you should find out the trouble that is triggering this as soon as possible.

A Number Of Things that May Be Triggering the Problem

When it involves dog health blood in pee can be a hazardous indicator. There are a range of different factors that your dog might end up having blood in his urine. Not sure what they could be? Well, here are some of the most usual factors that this could be striking your dog.

Your Dog Could Be Hurt

One factor that your dog can be revealing some blood in the urine is injury. It’s possible that your dog was harmed by an auto or one more animal, causing there to be interior injuries that is causing the blood in his pee.

Prostate Infection

An infection of the prostate can be unpleasant for your dog and it can additionally create there to be blood in the urine too.


Stones, much like the kidney rocks that human beings get, can be the underlying source of blood in a dogs’ pee.

Urinary System Infection

Dogs can additionally get urinary tract infections, which are definitely unpleasant for them. In most cases they can obtain so poor that they wind up creating there to be a bit of blood in the urine of your dog.

Tick Bites

While you may not believe that tick attacks are all that harmful, they can really be the wrongdoer if your dog has blood in his urine.


Last of all, toxins can cause your dog to have blood in the urine. If you’re stressed over dog health, blood in urine can be an indication that a person infected your dog or that he mistakenly got involved in something that was poisonous to him. You can check out this link for more information about your dog’s health. And start acting now!

Activity You Need to Take

So, when it involves dog health blood in pee is a trouble that warrants some problem and severe action. If you observe that your dog has bloody pee, even if it is once, it is important that you take your dog to the vet immediately. You need to figure out what the real trouble is that is causing this to happen so your dog can get the therapy needed immediately.

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